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Hunt the Giant

Mission Statement

To empower new believers to fulfill their new opportunity in their community. To reignite the hibernating believer and to help them see the opportunity in their community.

Purpose Statement

What is Hunt the Giant all about? We are just a bunch of ordinary people who have struggled with giants in our own lives. For some of us, we didn't even know that we had giants in our lives. Once we realized that there was a giant ruling our life, we tried to fight the giant alone. So many times we felt like the fight was impossible. We learned that in order to slay the giant that was controlling us, we needed help. The help came from being connected with good people who led us to a battle plan to overcome this stifling force. This website and the outreaches we do, are designed to give people who are broken and need to be released from these "giants," the tools and resources to conquer. We believe that identifying the giant is the first part. After that comes the plan. Our winning plan starts with knowing that we are loved by the Creator of the universe. We then understand that our giants have put a wedge between us and Him. It is by putting complete faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, that the slaying of our giant begins. Once our hearts and minds have been set straight, our perceptions and desires change. The resources on this site are here to help guide and give hope to the hurting and broken.


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